Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello yall,...we're back and everything went great! I am including some pictures of Aaron driving...:-) and some of the border crossing and such. We arrived in Mexico on Friday the 20th at 1130. My surgery was pushed up to 1300.....though the Tubal Ligation had created some scar tissue,.. they were able to reconnect 5-6 cm on both sides. Which is a great length! Soit was a success and we are very pleased. Though Kody did ask me where they put the baby....which caused a fit of laughter,.. not a good idea with an abdominal incision, lol.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay,..we have officially broke the news!!! Today Aaron and I are leaving to get a tubal reversal!!! We should be back by Sunday, and all prayers are appreciated.... this is something we have been preparing for for a few years, and this is truly an answer to yayayayayayay!! I'll post pics next week depending on how mobile I am :-).