Saturday, November 7, 2009

Busch Gardens #2

Yes young one,....when they least expect it!! After my own heart as you can see!, lol

I still see you! Step away from the cotton candy!

Just too cool for words isnt he??

I really do like this pic of her, little princess. So thankful for both of my babies! They are such a gift.

My family........nuff said :-) lol...ok maybe a bit more....I lurve them!

Busch Gardens!!

Lesson of the day - Adrenaline junkie rides this 3x. Smarter members of the family tempt fate once only,...and move on...Any guesses who moved on? Hint-might have been hubby and the short ones :-)

Yes, this was AWESOME!! :-))) I feel like one of the kids..Do again Mommy please!!!

We spent quite some time admiring this beautiful kitty...awe inspiring for sure!!

My monkey with........a monkey :-)

They have the SAME look on their faces, lol.. one directed at Kai,...and the other at me!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Softly, Slowly,..Love

On a beautiful white sandy beach, my husband gave me the best anniversary present, without even knowing it. As is the case with most families today, a lavish dinner and velvet box were not possible to commemorate the ten year marker of the day we said "I do". After a long day in the hot Florida sun, he drove the hour required to make it to some of the most beautiful beaches near us. The adolescent excitement rolled off of me as I spoke seemingly without pause. Our marriage, like so many others, had hung at the edge of divorce for three long years. We were only waiting for the judicial signature on our decree to free us from one another, when a routine meeting changed two broken hearts. My excitement at seeing a day that no one thought would come to pass was apparent in the questions geared towards confirming his happiness. After parking we started the long trek towards crashing waves. Pausing only to take off our sandals and sink tired feet into pristine white sand. A walk along the shoreline prompted a sea shell search for our daughter. As my hands began to fill with every shell that caught my eye, I emptied my drink to transfer my treasure to a bigger resevior. I threw out the desire to find an ever elusive sand dollar. Anyone versed in sea shell searching knows how probable that is. Yet as we walked along, he began handing me small shards of sand dollars. Some marked with fossils, some perfect, some worn almost smooth. For over a mile we walked along, our gazes rarely lifting from the sand and the surf. Him handing every broken piece over, to add to my growing collection, he diligently combed for my treasure. Deciding to sit in the surf and watch the sun set on our beautiful day, I realized that though those pieces varied in every way, they very likely made up a whole. This morning curiosity drove me to assemble the puzzle of a very precious gift. There on my kitchen table sat the culmination of my girlish desire for my sand dollar. In his determination he gave me my hearts desire, maybe not as I first imagined it, but more precious in the time it took to aquire. Reminding me that often our hearts desire is given as we least expect it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month

This month is somewhat bittersweet, though not well known this month was set aside for a very special reason. In 1988 president Reagan announced this month National Pregnancy and Infant loss month to honor and remember the 1,000,000 babies lost each year to miscarriage, stillbirth and early Infant death. Unfortunately I have become what I feared most, a survivor....... four times over.

I am very aware and feel completely blessed by the two children I do have, but that does not mean I will not mourn the ones I lost.

I may not have been far along, but as I believe life begins at conception, they were babies to me.

I know that God has his own time, but do not believe I would have gotten pregnant four times if his time was not now.

I believe he has plenty of angels, and did not choose to add my four.

Yes I know I CAN get pregnant, but staying pregnant would be so much better.

I am young and may have years to try,...yet heartache does not skirt you in your youth.

There are four angels to my name. I pray that you are all in Heaven, and that I will indeed see you one day.

Beautiful tribute video...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Almost 10 years!!

We are coming up on the tenth year of marriage, I am so blessed in who God picked for me. More in love now than the day we met, and looking forward to many more years together!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ship Wrecked!!!

We decided to go to the beach for Kai's 9th Birthday, our dismay we floated out further than we expected!!!

As the shark was circling, Kody begged Kai to protect him with a sweet kiss that she loved!!

She fought off the scary beast with sooo much courage!! He swam away in terror!!

We found a beautiful Mermaid sunning herself on the was her 9th birthday too!!

She let us take pictures of her beautiful tail!....we managed to find our way home after our very exciting day! What a great memory for my darling midget's birthday!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th!!

Boys!!! Always climbing one thing or the other!

Daddy and the Monkeys!!

The Cousins.....-4 :-((...We missed yall!

Kai and Mommy,..she is my heart!

Such concentration!!! My baby is now 6!!!
We had a great time over at Adela's for the 4th!! Water balloon fights, comedic routines and plenty of great food....including the biggest apple pie EVER!! (will include pics of that soon)...We watched uncle Aaron pummel the Pinata....Uncle Wes filling up 200 water balloons, lol....Uncle Robbie take an entire bucket-o-water ...(we rotated getting all of the stinkers!!...yes you Allana!)..I will post another group of pictures soon, but it's off to bed for me now :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spare Time

I found this great blanket pattern....and had the grand idea to make one for each of my munchkins for their upcoming birthdays....(I cannot believe it.....6 &9!!!!) .....the brilliant idea came after watching Kody...(a very manly boy,.. much to his fathers delight) pet the beginnings of the pink one...and ask to cuddle with it! Unfortunately I am not the only one who likes this particular pattern....I now have 4 more to make, .lol These are folded are actually quite big when opened....40'' by 40'' I think

Monday, June 1, 2009

Everything Accounted For!!!!!

I just got back from the hospital and wanted to update...:-) I ended up having a diagnostic laproscopy, hysteroscopy and D&C..... I came out of the OR with all parts intact!!! He actually said that the tubes looked great and complimented Dr. Perez's work!!!! He did find fibroids in my uterus and removed them,....and told me that they may have been interferring with implantation...(so I did in fact loose all 3 babies...instead of just fetal tissue producing hormones)....So,...I am home... very sore (feel like yelling boo boo, like my short people,. lol...) .... but feel sooooo relieved that I didnt loose anything......Oh....and a funny note.....on my way in to the OR I apparantly told my doctor that if he had to take a tube I wanted it back when they were done with it... b/c those darn things weren't cheap, lol. Not really sure what on earth I would have done with it!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Under the knife.

I just wanted to add a quick update as to the goings on of late. I am going in for surgery on Monday......a Diagnostic Laproscopy and D&C......following yet another loss. They are going to be searching for a possible chronic ectopic pregnancy,....Im am hoping that I will not loose a tube or ovary,.. but I know that this is a possibility. I will update after we have a better idea of the issue that is causing the losses. I definately hate having to go in for surgery... something about when they put you under is hard for me to swallow....but answers have been long awaited... I am comforted by that.

On another note...the kids are going to be out for the summer on Thursday and we are very excited about all the play time :-)) .....Aaron is in clinicals and doing very well.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Short People....

These are the "official" pictures for the 2008-2009 school year. I honestly think they turned out fantastic! Kody with his mona lisa like smile (you can almost imagine the mischief going on behind the scenes)...and Kailee with her kind eyes....I know that I am biased...But I imagine that every mother is to an extent :-))

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Cali Pics

Jessie kept trying to take surprise pics,....this is for her, lol!!

My him sooooo!

Very old jail....pretty view...right?

Going back to Cali...

I was so blessed to be able to go to California to visit with my grandma, grandpa, mom, big sis, and her boyfriend....I had an amazing time! It has been 12 years since I saw my grandparents, and my grandpa has been very sick. We toured the California vineyards, and dowtown placerville...(Soooo ready to move back home, lol)....Here are some of the pics from our trip...Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Angel Babies...

I had posted previously about finding out that we were again expecting. Yet found out on Monday that my beta levels were dropping, and that normally means that a loss is imminent. I was sent home to wait for it to begin. I am still hanging on to a bit of hope...( I am a strong believer in miracles) but know deep down that our journey for another child is not yet over. This is our second loss in 4 months, and it is hitting me pretty hard. Not outwardly,...yet still more than I would like. Im not quite sure where this journey will take us, I only pray for grace if we are again blessed.

Our Saturday :-))

This past weekend we were invited to the Renaissance Fair....I have never been to one...and had a total blast. There was a climbing wall, and though we attempted to get both Kailee and Kody to try little man would not go up off the first rung, lol....poor boy. Yet Kailee got farther than I think I could, lol....very brave little girl. We also watched a very interesting dragon show for kids, while munching on turkey legs...(yum!)...These are some of the pics I remembered to take :-)...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whoaaaaa Nelly!

My handsome man!

The joys of posting!!, lol....

My little girl is steering a big horsey!!!!!

Okay, ....the female half of my bunch have a very new and exciting addition to our activities!....As any young girl can empathize with, I had a strong fascination with my little pony and black beauty. My daughter follows in the same vein with an amazing love of all animals......a little animal whisperer it seems, lol. I found an amazing lady who trades me babysitting of her darling son, for lessons,...generally twice a week. I have taken to letting Kailee dip her toes in the water as far as riding is concerned, and she will take over the lessons completely once summer begins. Speaking of toes....poor baby learned today how quick a hoof can be...and is currently icing her big toe :-(...These pictures are from this evening at the stables.....We had a blast,...and now mommy needs a nap!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I figured that a landmark post was definately in order. My body is now 100% nicotine free!!!!! I have now gone 74 hours without any form of nicotine, and to be honest the only way I have been able to not break down is keep my countdown going. I definately feel the intense cravings, and am loving how my body is filtering my sorely mistreated lungs...ack. Since I have smoked the better part if my adult life.....well all of it really. I am getting a crash course in how things really taste and smell. It has been a bit odd... thats for sure, lol. So,... wish me luck.....I need to do this!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Idle Hands

(top) The one the neighbor requested (bottom) My Angel Baby Blanket

I wanted to share the newest blanket I've made. I started this when I found out I was pregnant, and honestly couldnt even look at it after the miscarriage. I picked it up again, and here is the finished product!...(I am kinda proud of it,.. it was by far the most complicated pattern I had tried yet). I realy enjoy this as my hobby, and have sold two of them so far :-)) Ive come to appreciate the distraction from idle hands......I am now 30 hours into my ........wait for it........Nicotine detox! I have struggled with being a smoker for a very long time, and never seemed to have the willpower to just kick the habit. Up to 90% of the nicotine should be gone within 72 hours total.......42 left to go!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rednecks and their Meat

What do you get when you take half a Dewalt case, two filing cabinent drawers, and add a bored husband? (who wants a smoker)
A new limited edition Dewalt Smoker!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It has been a little over two months without a here I am playing catch up. We spent the holidays discovering our childrens love for skating :-)....and goof time with mommy and daddy. Daddy did join Kailee on her new dance pad, lol....and "showed" the kids how to "gracefully" fall on skates. All in all it was a great time. Aaron is doing so well in school,...and will graduate at the end of the summer. We are all so proud of him for getting 100% on his final!!!! Kailee and Kody are gearing up for summer with mommy,...and keep asking me when another sibling will be added. Or as Kody puts it..."when is God putting the baby back", are truly my greatest blessings....and biggest challenges :-)) I will try to post pictures soon!!