Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Angel Babies...

I had posted previously about finding out that we were again expecting. Yet found out on Monday that my beta levels were dropping, and that normally means that a loss is imminent. I was sent home to wait for it to begin. I am still hanging on to a bit of hope...( I am a strong believer in miracles) but know deep down that our journey for another child is not yet over. This is our second loss in 4 months, and it is hitting me pretty hard. Not outwardly,...yet still more than I would like. Im not quite sure where this journey will take us, I only pray for grace if we are again blessed.

Our Saturday :-))

This past weekend we were invited to the Renaissance Fair....I have never been to one...and had a total blast. There was a climbing wall, and though we attempted to get both Kailee and Kody to try little man would not go up off the first rung, lol....poor boy. Yet Kailee got farther than I think I could, lol....very brave little girl. We also watched a very interesting dragon show for kids, while munching on turkey legs...(yum!)...These are some of the pics I remembered to take :-)...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whoaaaaa Nelly!

My handsome man!

The joys of posting!!, lol....

My little girl is steering a big horsey!!!!!

Okay, ....the female half of my bunch have a very new and exciting addition to our activities!....As any young girl can empathize with, I had a strong fascination with my little pony and black beauty. My daughter follows in the same vein with an amazing love of all animals......a little animal whisperer it seems, lol. I found an amazing lady who trades me babysitting of her darling son, for lessons,...generally twice a week. I have taken to letting Kailee dip her toes in the water as far as riding is concerned, and she will take over the lessons completely once summer begins. Speaking of toes....poor baby learned today how quick a hoof can be...and is currently icing her big toe :-(...These pictures are from this evening at the stables.....We had a blast,...and now mommy needs a nap!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I figured that a landmark post was definately in order. My body is now 100% nicotine free!!!!! I have now gone 74 hours without any form of nicotine, and to be honest the only way I have been able to not break down is keep my countdown going. I definately feel the intense cravings, and am loving how my body is filtering my sorely mistreated lungs...ack. Since I have smoked the better part if my adult life.....well all of it really. I am getting a crash course in how things really taste and smell. It has been a bit odd... thats for sure, lol. So,... wish me luck.....I need to do this!