Friday, August 1, 2008


Kailee with such a pretty picture of joy on her face :-)
And I know..."Bad Mama" But this is Kody on "his" couch in his room, cute but he naps like this often :-)

Ive had alot of time for reflection lately, as my daughter is now the age I was when my memories became more concrete I would say. So now I look closely at my children far more often, making comparisons to my own childhood, and theirs from what seems like moments ago. My son and his rocking stage when he was crawling, the moment he was born and the terror afterwards when he proved to be so sick. My daughter born to a very young mother who had to feel her way through. I can still feel her close to my heart. lying on my chest, that is the way we slept many nights when Aaron was in Korea. I wonder day to day what will imprint on them, will they learn what they need in the most important of moments? I know how blessed I am in the task and joy of raising them. I pray one day they feel the same joy that they bring into our lives.