Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ship Wrecked!!!

We decided to go to the beach for Kai's 9th Birthday, our dismay we floated out further than we expected!!!

As the shark was circling, Kody begged Kai to protect him with a sweet kiss that she loved!!

She fought off the scary beast with sooo much courage!! He swam away in terror!!

We found a beautiful Mermaid sunning herself on the was her 9th birthday too!!

She let us take pictures of her beautiful tail!....we managed to find our way home after our very exciting day! What a great memory for my darling midget's birthday!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th!!

Boys!!! Always climbing one thing or the other!

Daddy and the Monkeys!!

The Cousins.....-4 :-((...We missed yall!

Kai and Mommy,..she is my heart!

Such concentration!!! My baby is now 6!!!
We had a great time over at Adela's for the 4th!! Water balloon fights, comedic routines and plenty of great food....including the biggest apple pie EVER!! (will include pics of that soon)...We watched uncle Aaron pummel the Pinata....Uncle Wes filling up 200 water balloons, lol....Uncle Robbie take an entire bucket-o-water ...(we rotated getting all of the stinkers!!...yes you Allana!)..I will post another group of pictures soon, but it's off to bed for me now :-)