Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spare Time

I found this great blanket pattern....and had the grand idea to make one for each of my munchkins for their upcoming birthdays....(I cannot believe it.....6 &9!!!!) .....the brilliant idea came after watching Kody...(a very manly boy,.. much to his fathers delight) pet the beginnings of the pink one...and ask to cuddle with it! Unfortunately I am not the only one who likes this particular pattern....I now have 4 more to make, .lol These are folded are actually quite big when opened....40'' by 40'' I think

Monday, June 1, 2009

Everything Accounted For!!!!!

I just got back from the hospital and wanted to update...:-) I ended up having a diagnostic laproscopy, hysteroscopy and D&C..... I came out of the OR with all parts intact!!! He actually said that the tubes looked great and complimented Dr. Perez's work!!!! He did find fibroids in my uterus and removed them,....and told me that they may have been interferring with implantation...(so I did in fact loose all 3 babies...instead of just fetal tissue producing hormones)....So,...I am home... very sore (feel like yelling boo boo, like my short people,. lol...) .... but feel sooooo relieved that I didnt loose anything......Oh....and a funny note.....on my way in to the OR I apparantly told my doctor that if he had to take a tube I wanted it back when they were done with it... b/c those darn things weren't cheap, lol. Not really sure what on earth I would have done with it!