Friday, July 11, 2008

Kai's 8th Birthday!!!

Backwards,...soooo finally, lol!!
Awwww Daddy!!!!
Getting ready......

Well, today we celebrated my darling daughters' 8th birthday. A very big birthday indeed,...for though I see her grow each day,...she has hit the... yes you guessed it.....Barbie Stage!!!! Yay! She is well equipped with wedding barbie, ken,..a best friend and two children, lol. Many changes of clothes as well :-), of course. Now my beautiful daughter (after my own heart) requested a brownie cake with hot fudge on top (smart girl) and who am I to stand in her way? Though my hips will pay the price, I agreed, and we all enjoyed it very much, lol. Now the pics are of Kai, daddy tells her to blow out the candles,...the yells "wait" not now... then says ok,.. now... lol....You can see her expression quite well, poor baby. I will try to post pics later as I-I mean ...she.... plays with her new toys, lol.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kody turns 5!!!

They always love their cars!!!
He's just "fixing" it, lol....
"My Masterpiece!"
Soooo much fun!

My baby boy turn five today,....on the 5th,..he he. Now Daddy was in charge of presents,...which according to menfolk,....excludes wrapping paper, lol....But he did a great job and the boys played for quite a while with Aaron's...I mean Kody's new toys. I experimented with birthday cakes this year,.. and made fondant for the icing,...It has the consistency of playdough,..and is the Marshmallow recipe, so actually tastes good, yay. I did the Deco as a fishbowl, including seaweed and 5 fishies, One for each year. Now I know that this will improve with time, so bear with me, lol. I am including pics from the fourth of july, we introduced the children to silly string. They were woefully lacking apparently.......Way too long without the wonders of the aerosol string Enjoy!