Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Zoo :-)

My little bats!

The cutest monkey ever!
Nom Nom....such a pretty girl!

This part was so much fun!! They kept splashing us, trying to get food :-)) lots of giggles!

I am a big strong monkey......Do ju see my muskles????

Tons of pics! More to come, we had a great day.....Aaron wont let me post them all :-((

Monday, May 31, 2010

New Pics

My little man ~6~First Grade

My Midget ~9~ 4th Grade
These are the newest pics of my babaes :-) I love them so! Thought I would share :-))

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

He who doesnt wash his hair, doesn't keep his hair....

Cleanliness next to godliness? Yes, Im sure you have heard that phrase before. In this house we don't necessarily take it that far, but this momma will not have dirty babies. That is a fact. My darling almost 7 year old boy is now at the point in his growth where momma cannot under any circumstance see his lily white behind (...a far cry from the shaking his tail at me while giggling and telling me "you see my buuuuuutt") Even though I did indeed spend many years cleaning it, and sometimes ~gasp~ swatting it. So every night he takes his own bath, and mommy gets to "smell" him,..making sure that he did shampoo and soap himself. Many times sending him back into the water shaking my head. Lately he has become quite shaggy, making my military roots cringe, but we wanted to see how he would like longer hair (as well as look with it). Being around bath time, and in the interest of a timely parental lecture.....(we had also finally resigned ourselves to a haircut, and mommy's knowledge in that area falls short) .I brought out the clippers. After gathering quite the pile of thick red hair, I pulled out a washcloth and scrubbed his scalp with it. You can imagine his surprise at the color change that happened on the poor lamented thing. A stern look, and " he who doesn't wash his hair, doesn't keep his hair". For just a moment he looked ashamed....until little fingers reached up to rub the prickly cue ball now sitting on top of his shoulders....."Oooo Mommy...I love short hairs!!!".....followed by giggling and running around the house making us all feel his head. I would love to believe that he is properly chastened, and will now follow his washing more closely.....but I fear that having to smell check his endeavors is far from over....(for those of you who have a little know exactly what I mean).....Part of me is thankful that these years have not flown by that quickly.... he does after all, still call me mommy.....and need me for some things :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mothers Day Present :-)

My handy hubby made me a new coffee table/chest for mothers day. It is exactly what I've always wanted, and I love it so. I am so blessed in him :-) We went out to eat, saw a movie, and the kids made me some beautiful pictures that I will post later....I love my family :-)

Letters to Heaven

I carry you within my heart

As I will never carry you in my arms

Through every step of my life

For when God calls me home

I will see you.....and know my babies


Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Pics

I snapped this pic of the new couch....and managed to catch Kody hanging out :-)).....and then of the other side of the living room (for my mom),.....and caught the funniest line on the TV....the kids were watching a program...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Makes a Mother

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Pics of Kai~

I will be adding ones of Kody here is my angel girl reading her newest book :-))

~Spring break~

We have a membership to our local Y...and the kids love the splash center :-)

Pausing to take a pic, lol

Wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love taking them here ;-) They have such a blast!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Angel

Well, as most of you know....we have lost another baby. So this makes 5 in just 16 months. There are no words to describe any of this, I will not try yet. But I know God is with us as we walk this road,...and I will hold each of them some day. I edited this photo in a memorium of sorts. This is one of those things that we women are "supposed" to get over least it seems that way at times. I am lucky that I have two beautiful children to ease my aching heart, and a wonderful husband to lean on. I know I am truly blessed.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My angels!

Back to man and a half :-))

No smiling.....yes you are tough :-)

My Midget,..

We spent the day at grandma Ruby's while the boys helped with some work at the house...I managed to snap some cute new pics of the kids....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catching up...

In the process of dowloading pictures to transfer over here....since it has been quite a while,..I thought I would update a bit. My amazing husband Aaron is leaving in July for training with the army,..he has re enlisted. As sad as I am about losing precious time with someone who has become my very best friend, I am so very proud of him for his choice. I think fear, as a wife is intrensic....and as a military wife that fear becomes a different monster entirely. My pride however is based in the fact that my honorable, courageous husband is led to a life of duty, and still stands firm in the face if any obstacle for what he believes. He is,..he has most of the qualities that I most admire in humanity. As well as enough of the ones that drive me batty, to make life interesting.

We begin a rigorous month in a few days ...medically speaking that is. Prayers are appreciated....