Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month

This month is somewhat bittersweet, though not well known this month was set aside for a very special reason. In 1988 president Reagan announced this month National Pregnancy and Infant loss month to honor and remember the 1,000,000 babies lost each year to miscarriage, stillbirth and early Infant death. Unfortunately I have become what I feared most, a survivor....... four times over.

I am very aware and feel completely blessed by the two children I do have, but that does not mean I will not mourn the ones I lost.

I may not have been far along, but as I believe life begins at conception, they were babies to me.

I know that God has his own time, but do not believe I would have gotten pregnant four times if his time was not now.

I believe he has plenty of angels, and did not choose to add my four.

Yes I know I CAN get pregnant, but staying pregnant would be so much better.

I am young and may have years to try,...yet heartache does not skirt you in your youth.

There are four angels to my name. I pray that you are all in Heaven, and that I will indeed see you one day.

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