Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun with Pies!

Well,...I decided to try and make a more decorative crust for the mixed berry pie that I made tonight. The filling is strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry,....and handy dandy cookie cutter's made the rest relatively easy,....crusted with sugar and topped with vanilla bean icecream,...yummmmmm

Our Lap Cat

I had to include a picture of our dog,Solo who by the way thinks he is a cat, lol. Here is the proof!!
The other night, Aaron and I are downstairs,...and here a thump (bedrooms are upstairs), we go rushing up the stairs,...and what do we find,....Kody dearest had plopped on the floor, and not woken, lol....such a cutie.

Our Neighbors

As most of you know, Aaron and I moved closer to his school and work recently. We found a 3 bedroom townhome apartment that sits by a very nice little lake. We have also now begun to met our many new neighbors......they tend to swarm the door when we come outside. But this momma and babies have captured our hearts. Kailee in particular...I wouldnt be surprised if she one day becomes a Vet, lol. The change of scenery is actually much better than any of us could have anticipated. A pool but a stones throw away, the childrens school is less than a mile away, and a magnet school no less. They actually wear uniforms, and are doing very well. We have 2 1/2 baths, which means no more froggy deco for mommy,...I get the more grown up bathroom,...yay!! All in all, besides the problems associated with living so near other people, is good!! Oh and Aaron and I hit 9 years next month, keeps saying that nine is the paper anniversary,....someone help me find out which one it is!!! Peas and Carrots???!!!