Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Coal for me!!!

My stocking stuffer.....for a big stocking, lol...........

We bought this on Saturday!!! 1998 Dodge Durango....74k Miles....leather....3rd seat... non quiet stereo, lol.....V8 MAGNUM!!! (Home improvement grunting!!)...ooooo and GPS.....For the directionally challenged...(aaron,.. not well maaaaaaaaaaybe)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Angel Baby

I lost our baby tonight.....I would imagine the lord needed it more than we did....Im sorry this is such a short post.....I will try to write more when I can accept this all a little better.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!!

In light of the upcoming holiday and what it stands for.....I knew I was past due for a post about our last few weeks. I have had some complications already in my pregnancy. Since I had surgery on my tubes...I am a higher risk for ectopic. In the multiple ultrasounds, one found something worrisome. A mass measuring roughly 2 cm was found outside my left ovary. My doctor...who I have seen but one time.....was in quite the rush to tell me to take methotrexate to dissolve my "problem" as he put it. It is a medication to disolve the "products of conception".....he told me it was an ectopic pregnancy.The report stated that it could be an ectopic....OR.....a complex cyst (ie a corpus luteum cyst,...or an ovaian cyst)...he never told me about the last line....and I was shocked at his cavalier attitude...not even willing to wait and prove without a shadow of a doubt. So I have chosen another doctor....and he will be going about the business of determining whether or not the baby is where it should be....There is what looks like a gestational sac inside my uterus as well. We will,...unfortunately have to wait for this answer...but I will not stand in front of the lord on my day of reckoning to answer why I destroyed his miracle....why I trusted everyone but him.....but here are a few things I am thankful for....

My two beautiful children!!!

My Husband....

My family.....

My Friends...

Grace given and faith renewed....

And last but not least!!!>.......being able to tease my hubby and call him middle aged while he teases me for answering the remote when the phone rings,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby blanket for a friend!

I made this for my good friend Melissa and her darling little girl who will make an entrance in a few months! Sorry about the lighting, lol

Knock Knock!

So I have honestly been amazed at the interesting things that have been going on lately.... Today I honestly feel like the Lord came aknockin'...let me explain

On my way to drop the kids off at school this morning I felt a knocking by my right front tire....This had started out as a squeak when I went over speed bumps weeks ago....But had transformed into a knocking that rattled through my car. I decided to make my way to Aarons work where I knew he could do his manly car speak and tell me what was going on. Four blocks from work....I prayed "lord please,..I can't take any more right now" I heard a clang that sounded like something flew off...and no more knocking....hmmmm.....My delightful Hubby :-) decided to check anyway....and unbelievably enough,...he finds a tire moments away from blowing...bowed out and cracked with wires sticking out. Minutes after switching it out for my adorable spare...It goes flat. Since I had bought it used not two months prior,..we decided to go back to the place I bought it,...and were helped by a very honest man who switched it out without cost! We were very blessed that this didnt happen with children in the car...Or this weekend on our fishing trip! So something was wrong...and I honestly believe he came knocking....soooo glad I listened!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


There is some question about the position of the baby...and whether it is progressing....I have now had what they consider a "threatened miscarriage" the next few weeks will determine whether the baby is indeed where it should be (not outside the uterus)....and growing well. I have an ultrasound that will be scheduled in 2 to 3 weeks to determine cardiac and structural integrity. Honestly,.. though I am scared....I have faith that this will all be ok....I am including a picture of my ultrasound from Saturday and what they think is the gestational sac...there is a question about it, lol....But it does have the decidual ring and there seems to be blood flow to the sac as well .. So.....just for is the pic...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Yesterday Aaron and I found out that the surgery was successful and I now carry our very own miracle blessing. Five years of regret and saving for this....I stared in disbelief at the test for quite a while, lol. Now we wait til my doctors apointment to make sure midget#3 is in the right place....any prayers are so welcome and appreciated. I do have faith that everything will be fine,...yet look forward to seeing with my own two eyes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My opinion

Though I refuse to get on a political soapbox,..I do have to get this out...

Though I am quite happy that yesterday was a historic day....It was turned into something it never should have been about.

Lets take the money from people who sweated and went to college to earned that money and status....and pass it around to those who have not yet overcome those obstacles.....

Lets bring our soldiers home and welcome the backlash on our shores....

Lets support those that refuse to protect our smallest citizens while we bemoan abortion and how it is now used as birth control.......

While we're at it,....lets stop requiring more experience from our plumber than we do our commander in chief...

Lets pray he listens to his advisors as he leads men and women even though he himself has never been in their dusty boots......

Me,....I will spend the next few years praying that charisma is not the only thing brought to the presidential reigns......That I am wrong in my reticence towards this man....It is in no way about race to me....I firmly exercise my right to weigh a person by action and deed.. and am a bit offended by how little that was spoken about....but that can be my own sensitivity.....I am aware as I type this....that by this not being the "popular" opinion....I may have to prepare myself, lol....I am by no means trying to be combatative...yet am exercising my american borne right to be outspoken, lol

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gods hands

I have been reminded in many small ways recently that there are many things that you just have to let go of. To leave in Gods hands and know that he will take care of it. I wanted to share todays lesson because it really taught me more in just a few hours than all of the small hints lately. I left the house at 1130, to pick the short people up from school (a half day)....stop at the mailbox, and when I get back in my car, it wont start. Aaron comes home early from work and spends 4 hours trying to figure out what is wrong...(my engine is a bit smashed together, being a newer model vehicle) reminding me the whole time how much he hates working on my car, even though I like it a bit..(kody calls it my race car...its a bit fast, lol) Now after going through 4 likely culprits he can find no reason for the problem. When he gets home he tells me it may be the computer which runs a few hundred dollars, and if it necessitates a mechanic it may run $1000 or higher. Finally the waterworks start....its been a rough month, what with the break in and sickness running through the family....added to a pretty kidney infection......I was just done, I couldnt think of the fact that we would have to spend that much money on a car that we are trading in next month (yay! for no more car payment, lol) When he goes upstairs to get ready for school, the analytical side of my personality kicks in and I decide to search the internet for an answer. I stumble on a feature called the Pass Lock, a security feature that will shut down the vehicle if anyone tries to steal it.......The solution was to turn the car to on for 10 minutes...then restart it. His hands are wide open, his back far stronger than mine, there is nothing that I could do alone better than he. So my lesson for today is this....

Spending quality time with Husband=$70
Gas to and from the autoparts store= $10
The wrong part for my car=$93

Learning to hand things over to the big guy= PRICELESS

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

9 on the 15th!!

Such a sweetie,...had to share a picture of my surprise from Aaron,... this was followed by dinner at The Melting Pot,..and SHOES!!! lol......(admitted shoe addict)

This post is a bit late, lol.....but better than never and all. On October 15th, 1999....9 years ago, I met and fell in love with my dear husband. In a whirlwind of activity and emotion we met and married three weeks later, followed quickly by Kailee and Kody. The years have flown by when we weren't looking, lol. Yet here we find ourselves more in love than the day we met, and blessed far more than words could begin to explain. I begin my mornings with the rush to school, packing lunch, kisses and hugs all around. Afternoons full of housework and cooking for my family. Evenings of homework, laughter and giggles. The day ends with my best friend, who gives the very best hugs :-) I am so blessed to have another day just like it when I wake.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rite of Passage,....

So,....We had a fun girls night with kailee and a friend....Facials...pedicures....and the nintendo wii. I thought I would include some video of them horsing around, as well as the one they filmed of the makeover they gave me,....yes I truly did let two small girls loose on my face with makeup...ack!!! But I have to admit, they did a great job!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun with Pies!

Well,...I decided to try and make a more decorative crust for the mixed berry pie that I made tonight. The filling is strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry,....and handy dandy cookie cutter's made the rest relatively easy,....crusted with sugar and topped with vanilla bean icecream,...yummmmmm

Our Lap Cat

I had to include a picture of our dog,Solo who by the way thinks he is a cat, lol. Here is the proof!!
The other night, Aaron and I are downstairs,...and here a thump (bedrooms are upstairs), we go rushing up the stairs,...and what do we find,....Kody dearest had plopped on the floor, and not woken, lol....such a cutie.

Our Neighbors

As most of you know, Aaron and I moved closer to his school and work recently. We found a 3 bedroom townhome apartment that sits by a very nice little lake. We have also now begun to met our many new neighbors......they tend to swarm the door when we come outside. But this momma and babies have captured our hearts. Kailee in particular...I wouldnt be surprised if she one day becomes a Vet, lol. The change of scenery is actually much better than any of us could have anticipated. A pool but a stones throw away, the childrens school is less than a mile away, and a magnet school no less. They actually wear uniforms, and are doing very well. We have 2 1/2 baths, which means no more froggy deco for mommy,...I get the more grown up bathroom,...yay!! All in all, besides the problems associated with living so near other people, is good!! Oh and Aaron and I hit 9 years next month, keeps saying that nine is the paper anniversary,....someone help me find out which one it is!!! Peas and Carrots???!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Kailee with such a pretty picture of joy on her face :-)
And I know..."Bad Mama" But this is Kody on "his" couch in his room, cute but he naps like this often :-)

Ive had alot of time for reflection lately, as my daughter is now the age I was when my memories became more concrete I would say. So now I look closely at my children far more often, making comparisons to my own childhood, and theirs from what seems like moments ago. My son and his rocking stage when he was crawling, the moment he was born and the terror afterwards when he proved to be so sick. My daughter born to a very young mother who had to feel her way through. I can still feel her close to my heart. lying on my chest, that is the way we slept many nights when Aaron was in Korea. I wonder day to day what will imprint on them, will they learn what they need in the most important of moments? I know how blessed I am in the task and joy of raising them. I pray one day they feel the same joy that they bring into our lives.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kai's 8th Birthday!!!

Backwards,...soooo finally, lol!!
Awwww Daddy!!!!
Getting ready......

Well, today we celebrated my darling daughters' 8th birthday. A very big birthday indeed,...for though I see her grow each day,...she has hit the... yes you guessed it.....Barbie Stage!!!! Yay! She is well equipped with wedding barbie, ken,..a best friend and two children, lol. Many changes of clothes as well :-), of course. Now my beautiful daughter (after my own heart) requested a brownie cake with hot fudge on top (smart girl) and who am I to stand in her way? Though my hips will pay the price, I agreed, and we all enjoyed it very much, lol. Now the pics are of Kai, daddy tells her to blow out the candles,...the yells "wait" not now... then says ok,.. now... lol....You can see her expression quite well, poor baby. I will try to post pics later as I-I mean ...she.... plays with her new toys, lol.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kody turns 5!!!

They always love their cars!!!
He's just "fixing" it, lol....
"My Masterpiece!"
Soooo much fun!

My baby boy turn five today,....on the 5th,..he he. Now Daddy was in charge of presents,...which according to menfolk,....excludes wrapping paper, lol....But he did a great job and the boys played for quite a while with Aaron's...I mean Kody's new toys. I experimented with birthday cakes this year,.. and made fondant for the icing,...It has the consistency of playdough,..and is the Marshmallow recipe, so actually tastes good, yay. I did the Deco as a fishbowl, including seaweed and 5 fishies, One for each year. Now I know that this will improve with time, so bear with me, lol. I am including pics from the fourth of july, we introduced the children to silly string. They were woefully lacking apparently.......Way too long without the wonders of the aerosol string Enjoy!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello yall,...we're back and everything went great! I am including some pictures of Aaron driving...:-) and some of the border crossing and such. We arrived in Mexico on Friday the 20th at 1130. My surgery was pushed up to 1300.....though the Tubal Ligation had created some scar tissue,.. they were able to reconnect 5-6 cm on both sides. Which is a great length! Soit was a success and we are very pleased. Though Kody did ask me where they put the baby....which caused a fit of laughter,.. not a good idea with an abdominal incision, lol.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay,..we have officially broke the news!!! Today Aaron and I are leaving to get a tubal reversal!!! We should be back by Sunday, and all prayers are appreciated.... this is something we have been preparing for for a few years, and this is truly an answer to yayayayayayay!! I'll post pics next week depending on how mobile I am :-).

Thursday, May 29, 2008


These are some older pics of my babaes,... that I wanted to share,... They are so cute, lol.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As a child my mother used to make these awesome chrochet slippers,.. I can still remember sliding around the kitchen as if I had wheels on my feet. I have tackled the quilting, scrapbooking, and even soap making for kai's dry skin, lol. But the slippers seemed to elude me until I bought Chrocheting for dummies,... yes, they have that title. While I was out for my knee surgery, my mother in law helped me get the basics with a beautiful star patterned washcloth. Now I have over 30 of them, lol... and decided to move on. I am currently working on a beautiful arghan for my hubby, It is an actual recplica of the American flag,... very cool, Hopefully he will get it for our 9th anniversary (fingers crossed,... its a bit complicated). In between we have the slippers and I am having so much fun with it....I have to say thanks ma!!! I am including a pic of the Mother-Daughter pair I've made,....Quickly I might add, yay!!! Oh Btw,... to all of the grannies out there....Love you to bits,....and to a soon to be new one,....I will get soooo many miles out of this one,....Love you :-)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day!