Sunday, March 11, 2012


I know that the opinion on tattoos tend to be pretty negative, but I have just recently had my 10th miscarriage,...and though I felt like I carried the babies on my forehead,....there was nothing to show that they even existed. So a few days ago I went and had five of these put on, per wrist, per foot,..and one over my heart. The tattoo has two hearts,...for a total of 10, for each baby,...and if you look closely, you can see a baby footprint inside the tattoo. The places I have them work with something I wrote a year ago...

I carry you within my heart
as I will never carry you in my arms
For every step of my life
and when God calls me home,
I will see you, and know my babies

In some weird way,...I do finally get to carry them with me,...and when the tattoos heal (as you can tell,...they havent yet)...They will be super light pink,..and hardly noticeable. Yet just having the imprint on my skin seems to give me a great deal of peace


Anonymous said...

My and I got matching tattoos very similar to yours for our little one yesterday:) We saw this and read your story and fell in love with the idea of getting a tattoo for our lost baby